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To change starter motor by your own

First,following the thick wire from the battery positive post it will take you to the solenoid which is on the starter.

Second,Studying your automatic starter kit and familiarizing yourself with the instructions, clearing up any confusion on steps required or terms. Disconnect your car's battery.

Third,Remove the access door underneath the steering wheel. Find the ignition, starter, power and electrical accessory wires beneath the steering column. Connect the wires to the automatic starter, following the instructions from your automatic starter kit.

 Fourth,Connect your automobile's electrical wires to their mates from the automatic starter kit. Apply electrical tape where needed to make sure wires are firmly in place.

 Fifth,Replace the access panel beneath your steering wheel. Reconnect your automobile's battery. Test the automatic starter several times to make sure the installment is no problem.

  We can supply many kinds of bosch starter motor,Bosch Electric starter motors range from 0.7kW to 5.5kW (12 volt), and from 3.2kW to 7.0kW in the 24 volt versions,suitable for both petrol and diesel engine vehicles are available from Bosch Electric covering, all aspects of the vehicle industry, from small passenger cars to luxury class vehicles as well as truck and bus applications.

Application to: Volvo,BMW,DAF,Deutz,IVECO,Volkswagen,Audi,khd,FORD,Mercedes Benz and so on.

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